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  Our Mission

Throughout the years, Nautica Title USA has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity. Nautica Title USA seeks to be the best title company in town as viewed by our customers, employees, and community. Nautica Title USA is a customer oriented and profit motivated title company that offers a quality product with excellent service and differentiates itself from its competitors as being the best and not the biggest. Nautica Title USA we would like to be known as the company that:

  • Builds long-term relationships with our customers and consider them our partners in success
  • Provides quality service
  • Interacts with our customers and welcome their feedback
  • Creates a positive work environment for growth of associates and company
  • Challenges all paradigms

  Company Overview

It has been said that all title insurance companies are the same because most title insurance policies provide the same protections. However, at Nautica Title USA our services is what differentiates us from other title companies, that's why Nautica Title USA is dedicated to being a title company committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. At Nautica Title USA, coverage is provided on residential services, subdivision services, commercial and industrial services, closing services, and much more.

Residential Services

Nautica Title USA offers customers the most complete real estate services in the nation. You can count on us for all your real estate-related needs.

Subdivision Services

Nautica Title USA Subdivision Services is a specialized division that supplies the necessary underwriting, coordinating and high-liability service needs of commercial/industrial and subdivision developers and builders, lenders and other real estate professionals locally or nationwide.

Commercial & Industrial Services

Nautica Title USA devotes resources to a specialized operating center that focuses on commercial and industrial real estate transactions. Our commercial and industrial services offers our customers the consolidated, coordinated delivery of all services required in a commercial and/or real estate transaction from a single source.

Closing Services

Nautica Title USA offers you experienced escrow officers and closing specialists well trained in real estate procedures, title insurance, taxes, deeds and insurance. Their wealth of technical experience and knowledge is your assurance of a smooth closing. By acting as a disinterested third party who follows the instructions of both the buyer and seller, keeping track of all the detail of the transaction, Nautica Title USA gets the job done with efficiency and accuracy.